Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I save money by doing the project myself?
A: Absolutely. Depending on the products being used typically you can save 30%-40%. Keep in mind that my company uses licensed and insured contractors and doesn't have anyone that one day he is a cabinet installer and the next he's a plumber or electrician. All workmanship is guaranteed and insured.


Q: Is there a difference between "all wood" vs particle board construction in the cabinets?
A: Yes price wise and no quality wise. Often times people hear particle board anything and they go crazy thinking they are buying junk from IKEA. In most cases the particle board is a much more stable product and wont twist or warp.


Q: But what if the particle board gets wet?
A: If your cabinets get wet enough to hurt the particle board it will hurt the plywood also. I will often design a kitchen where all cabinets at the end of a run will be plywood but a cabinet that would be sandwiched between two others make particle board to save money.


Q: Granite vs Quartz Counter Tops?
A: Quality wise they are both excellent choices for you counter tops. Your only decision is color. Quartz products are trying to replicate the look of granite and most cases are a little bit lacking.


Q: But don't you have to "seal" granite where you don't quartz counter tops?
A: Used to be an issue but not anymore. I seal all of my granite counter tops at the time of installation with a 15 year sealer. You may notice in the high traffic areas that the sealer will wear off faster. Places like the sink and cooking area. To touch up these areas is very simple to do and requires no more effort than wiping the counter tops off with a damp clothe.